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£31 m

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Who You Lend To

With ArchOver, you can manually invest in established UK companies seeking expansion/improvements in terms ranging 3 months - 3 years. You 'pledge' units of £1,000 and only transfer the funds when the project is fully funded.

The platform operates two security models: 

Secured & Insured loans are secured against a company's Accounts Receivable (AR), ArchOver  takes an all asset charge over the company with particular emphasis on its ARs.

Secured & Assigned loans are secured on contracted recurring revenues of established and profitable businesses with loyal clients, looking for a loan to help them expand. ArchOver takes an all asset charge on the business and assignment of the contracts as security.

ArchOver maintains a 'Control Account' so customers of the borrower company pay directly into an account owned by ArchOver.

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How To Apply

  • Open Account
  • Choose Product
  • Min Investment: £1000.00