Growth Street



Default Rate:


Total Lent:

£42 m

Provision Balance:

£439 th

Who You Lend To

Growth Street facilitates asset-backed investments in UK SME businesses seeking capital for growth purposes. Borrowers are provided with a secured overdraft product, designed to assist them with working capital needs. You, in return, can earn up to 6.5% AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) - assumes that your capital is invested for a year with interest reinvested - or you can bid a lower interest rate to potentially have your capital matched earlier.

Upon a match being made, you will invest in a 30-day loan. When the term has run its course you can instruct Growth Street to automatically reinvest your money, or withdraw any amount.

Your loan is automatically diversified between several borrowers and is protected in the form of the Growth Street Loan Loss Provision (provision fund). The fund is maintained at a level equivalent to at least 9% of the total loan book.

*Provision funds are not a guarantee of capital recovery should a borrower default. They are typically utilised at the platform directors' discretion.

Asset Secured

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Provision Fund


How To Apply

  • Open Account
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  • Min Investment: £10.00